About Me

Hello, I'm Joan Marie Verba. I'm a Front End developer, and I believe that the goal of web development is to make applications/web pages that present users with the information they want in the style they prefer. I find this both challenging and exciting, and is one of the reasons I find coding so much fun.


Graduate of the Iron Yard Minneapolis
Iron Yard logo
The Iron Yard offers immersive, 12-week courses that go far beyond tactical skills and teach students to think as a software engineer. The process shows students to learn how to learn so as to keep current on technologies in the long run. The Front End Engineering course focuses on creating experiences in web browsers that users see and interact with. The lessons cover subjects from web design principles to complex JavaScript applications (including ReactJS) that manage data, in addition to HTML and CSS.

CSS: Includes Bootstrap, Elemental UI

JavaScript libraries: jQuery, Lodash, Babel, Aphrodite

JavaScript testing and compatibility: Testing projects work across devices and through updates.

Backend basics: Deploy apps to local and live environments.

Tools: Node.js, NPM, Horizon

JavaScript foundations: Types, functions, objects, scope, closures, constructors, prototypes and much more. Built applications with JavaScript.

Structured tools to create applications quickly and integrate them seamlessly: ReactJS

Version control: Git, GitHub

Previous work experience

Real-time, online programming in FORTRAN and BAL for airline applications.

My Latest Work

Directory screen capture

Directory Database

Constructs a directory for an organization. Individuals manage their own information, and an administrator manages the input ids and records.

Code Demo

Media Search screen capture

Media Search

This features an API call to the OMDB database. Users can search for the title to a movie, television show, episode, game, etc.

Code Demo

Astronomy Picture of the Day screen capture

Astronomy Picture of the Day

This features a call to NASA's API. Display the Astronomy Picture of the Day

Code Demo

Book chat screen capture

Book Chat

This shows a chat application for book readers.

Code Demo

Current Weather Screen Capture

Current Weather

This features a call to the Open Weather API, to display the current weather for a city. Users enter a zip code or city name.

Code Demo

Weather Forecast Screen Capture

Weather Forecast

This generates a 7-day weather forecast for a city. Features a call to the Open Weather API. Users enter a zip code or city name.

Code Demo

Guess a number screen capture

Guess A Number

A simple interactive game. The computer selects a random number from 1 to 100 (inclusive). The user has 10 tries to guess it

Code Demo

Portfolio screen capture

This portfolio page

The code for this portfolio page.

Code Demo